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KeXin HiArt

Founder of Hiart

HiArt is a top-class family-owned children’s art school in Singapore founded in 2010 by Wang Kexin and her family. Located in the heart of Singapore, we were established with the primary aim of making art education more accessible to more people.

Our Vision

Everyone, no matter how young or old, has the potential to become artists and the institute has always been firm believers in using art as a way to further enhance and enrich one’s mind and body. ‘Joy comes first and skills will soon follow’ is a motto we take to heart and we believe that HiArt and our committed teachers will be able to bring that forward with every lesson. We have a team of highly qualified staff who have several years of experience in teaching art to kids of all ages.
HiArt Provides art class for kids with the aim of building their creativity from a young age. We are dedicated to teaching young children to fully express themselves in the different forms of art available. We offer a wide range of art classes that allows them to learn different forms of art and subsequent choose their preferred option. We take a holistic approach to coaching our art students, ensuring that each and every student is carried along. We also work closely with each student to nurture and build their special skills and talent.

What we offer

Art For Kids

DSA Prep Course

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Holiday Program

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