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Art Contest Preparatory Course

Art contests are a great way for artists to get their work seen by the public, build a following, and grow as creators. Besides competing, participation in art contests also allows the artist to explore more techniques and styles.

The Art Contest Preparatory course is designed to prepare each artist for their individual art contest’s unique requirements. What are some important things to watch out for when entering an art contest? How do I pick a contest within my qualification? What are some strategies for winning annual competitions? Get professional guidance on developing your Artistic visions and strengths in this intensive program.

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Course Details

HiArt Members Only


1.5 Hour



The course includes:

  • Customised Lessons
    • This means that each lesson is adapted to your needs and level of experience. The teachers will make sure that you will be able to express yourself in an effective way for your contest of choice.

  • Tailored to Age
    • The lessons are designed for different age groups, so that young students can excel at a suitable pace and older ones can follow a more advanced curriculum.

  • Flexible Schedule
    • The lessons take place at different times during the day so that they are easy to fit into your schedule. You can choose which days of the week suit you best or come as often as possible!

  • Experienced Teachers
    • Our teachers have years of experience teaching in various fields so they know exactly what it takes to become successful in this field!

  • No Experience Needed
    • We don’t require any prior knowledge about art or drawing skills.

For more information and schedule arrangement, please kindly approach each outlet’s front desk.