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Direct School Admission, often known as DSA, is a school admission process which gives pupils the chance to showcase a variety of accomplishments and talents in order to apply for admission to institutions. Here at HiArt our DSA Preparation Art Course is designed to assist students in putting together a portfolio of artwork for applications to Secondary schools. Students in Primary 4-6 who have an interest in the visual arts may apply to secondary schools prior to the PSLE. This course aims to help students with the portfolio-building process to enable them to apply to their preferred schools of choice.

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Our Curriculum

The objective of this full-time programme enables students to develop the necessary knowledge and practical skills to enter into schools. Complying with a list of requirements specified by the individual schools is required in order to prepare an art portfolio.

Beginning with the foundation of painting, we focus on developing their skills and creativity so that students can meet the admission standards of professional art colleges.

Class Details


1.5 Hours




Once a week or more

Our Lesson Structure

Each student will create a portfolio that includes a sketchbook that documents the evolution of their concepts, ideas, attempts, and regular sketches and canvas. Our professionally qualified instructors will strengthen your child’s artistic abilities, from the very fundamentals of sketching and painting to creating their own distinctive style of artworks over time. These consist of:

  • Observation Skills (Drawing, Sketching, Oil, Acrylic Painting & Watercolour)
  • Research and Practice
  • Group Discussion
  • Consultations
  • Foundational 3D Studies & Construction
  • Sketchbook Process
  • Critique Sessions


For entry into schools, the following criteria must be met:

  • Portfolio showing observational and imaginative artworks
  • Technical skills of mediums
  • Showing a wide exposure of different art mediums and forms
  • Artworks in 2D & 3D

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