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Let your child discover new ways of expression with our HiArt Bespoke programme. The programme is carefully curated to help children with special needs explore their creative side and express emotions they might otherwise find difficult to articulate. Participants are guided to create art that resonates with their own experiences based on their individual abilities and unique forms of expression.

Our art instructors facilitate sessions that incorporate both creative exploration and playful learning. Each session is structured yet flexible enough to meet the needs and abilities of each participant.

Class Structure

Digital Art for kids

Class Duration: 60 mins

Teacher-to-Students Ratio: 1:1 OR 1:2

Personalized Art Studio Sessions
Through our bespoke one-on-one format, we can customize each session to fit the unique strengths, challenges, and creative styles of each child. Our participants receive the full attention of the art instructor and is given the freedom to take the class at their own pace. Through this guided exploration of art, children learn to find joy in creative expression. Conducted within the serene atmosphere of our art studio, our sessions imbue a sense of belonging, encouraging authenticity alongside personal growth.

Benefits of One-on-One Format

  • Our art instructors provide undivided attention and personalized instruction.
  • We carefully select and customize activities and artistic mediums according to the interests and abilities of each child.
  • We aim to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our participants by adjusting the pace and intensity of the sessions.
  • Art instructor monitors participant progress closely and adapts the programme as necessary.

*These artworks were done by one of our students.


Lesson Structure

Level 1

  1. Themed Lessons
  2. Material Exploration
  3. Step-By-Step Lesson Guidance

Level 2

  1. Themed Lessons
  2. Material Exploration
  3. Step-By-Step Lesson Guidance
  4. Individual Creativity

*These artworks were done by one of our students.

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We warmly invite children and individuals with special needs to experience the transformative benefits of our tailored one-on-one art therapy sessions in our art studio. Connect with us via email or phone – our team is here to answer any questions and guide you through the enrollment process. Let’s start this beautiful exploration together, and let’s create our masterpieces together.

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