Art for Kids

Maximize Art Benefits for Kids

Why Art Is Important At An Early Age?

Art for kids, We created this Art class in Singapore because we believe that art is essential for your children’s young minds. It allows them to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas creatively, The benefits of art for kids are numerous and priceless. Our art class for kids helps them improve their problem-solving skills and enhances their creativity, thinking ability and gross-motor skills.

“Anything that you can envision is real,” a popular quote which showcases the beauty and power of art. Art is essential for kids as it helps to improve their cognitive ability and creativity.

Your child deserves the best and HiArt is here to make that a reality. Is your child’s goal to become a medical doctor, lawyer or footballer? Want your child to be smart and possess good problem-solving ability? Invest in HiArt art for kids and let’s work out magic.

The benefits of art for kids online classes are numerous and priceless. Our art class for kids helps them improve their problem-solving skills and enhances their creativity, thinking ability and gross-motor skills.

Harbouring Art

Fundamentals and Basic Training

Discover the joy of art education! We introduce students to art through the Harbouring Art Programme. We foster creativity through fun and playful lessons that ignite curiosity and encourage a love of learning.

Investigating Art

Technical Foundations and Studies in Techniques Towards Art-Making

Students of the Investigating Art Programme will grow into confident artists. Young artists will develop brand-new ideas and gain new skill sets. Observational motor skills are strengthened in this course.

Ascertaining Art

Discover Theoretical Knowledge and Linguistic Forms of Art

Our Art Programme stresses right-brain training in addition to refining students’ creativity. A major objective of the program is to develop students’ creativity and communication skills.

Redacting Art

Nurturing Students With Extraordinary Artistic Ability

The Redacting Art Programme enables students to develop their drawing and painting skills. We achieve this by providing systematic lesson plans that target the children’s inherent artistic abilities.

Trailblazing Art

Portfolio Preparatory for DSA, Secondary, Tertiary and Beyond

The program is designed to prepare students for applying to notable art institutions, such as SOTA, NAFA, or LASALLE, including Direct School Admission (DSA), polytechnics, and IGCSE examinations.

Art for kids

Progressive Art education for your kids

Art is vital to the development of the minds of children. It also helps kids learn better in all disciplines. Some other significant benefits of art classes to kids are
  • Art enhances creativity.
  • Art helps a child acquire the ability to be innovative and think critically to create or discover things of value.
  • Art helps children to understand the world around them and express themselves appropriately.
  • Art helps kids connect and build relationships with others.
  • Art helps children to learn how to write. Toddlers scribble randomly on the paper. The more they scribble, the more they gain control of the crayon or pencil and its movement on the paper.

Why Enroll Your Child?

Unlimited Benefits
The gains of art classes are priceless and unlimited. Let your child earn remarkable benefits on every day.

Conducive Environment
Impacting knowledge is our goal and we ensure the environment is good for learning.

Custom services
Kids are unique and we pay close attention to every child to improve their rate of learning and performance.

We want your child to participate in our art courses and we are rolling out online art courses you can learn from the comfort of your home. We provide quality e-learning services whilst promoting quality teaching with a focus on excellence.