What is NFT?


NFT Art?

What Are NFTs?

Non-Fungible Token? What does that mean? A thing that is “non-fungible” is not allowed to be replaced. Most NFTs are also digital artwork. This means the artwork is created and can only be seen digitally.

The emergence of NFTs is bringing about an artistic revolution, changing how artists can sell their art. NFT is a unique digital token that proves that the artist’s digital artwork is the only one of its kind anywhere in the world. This means it cannot be copied or reproduced without the owner’s knowledge and approval.

Web 3.0

A New World Wide Web

Web3 represents an open, 3D-immersive internet. Built on top of the blockchain technology, Web 3.0 applications are augmented by decentralized products and NFTs. With Web 3.0, user will have the ability to participate while maintaining complete ownership of their data, unlike Web 2.0 (The modern internet known by the majority of us), in which centralized companies controlled and monetized users’ data.

In other words, your children are already using Web 3.0 & Metaverse without you even noticing it!



The Next Frontier

The Metaverse is like a patchwork of online virtual worlds. People can own virtual real estate, collect NFTs, play game, create, and meet other people.

For kids, this means endless opportunities for socializing, learning and exploring their interests. Children can truly benefit from the Metaverse, whether they are playing games with friends or taking virtual classes.

Our role is to help children navigate the Metaverse in a safe and productive way.

Our NFT Project


Ballooners: Our Beginnings

NFT Art Exhibition HiArt is proud to present the world’s first collective youth hand-drawn NFT art exhibition. Ballooners heralds a new paradigm in the NFT world, bringing children’s creative energy to the Metaverse. it is the world’s first and only collective project hand-drawn by children aged 7 to 12. Our story starts with 10,000 Ballooners…


Where The Sun Stays Exhibition

Where The Sun StaysArt Exhibition Where the Sun stays brings together a selection of artists and works to discuss and discover the lives, journeys, dreams and landscapes of a region and its peoples. The rich culture and history of the communities that have risen from the heat to call the tropics home spans over 1000…