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Class Structure

Class | Age

I1 | 4 – 6 Years Old

I2 | 7 – 8 Years Old

I3 | 9 – 10 Years Old

I4 | 11 – 12 Years Old

I5 | 13 – 14 Years Old

I6 | 15 – 16 Years Old

Investigating Art

Technical Foundations and Studies in Techniques Towards Art-Making

Preparing your child for future challenges begins with instilling confidence in them. While adults view and critique art differently, it is crucial to let kids express their creativity and imagination, rather than being restricted or limited by replicating traditional art! After all, it is no secret that children have incredibly creative minds, and they learn differently than adults.

The Investigating Art Programme is the roadmap to building a confident art student. Designed with a unique learning approach that encourages children to think out of the box, this course equips students with a deeper understanding of practical knowledge in their art-making journey.

Learners will cultivate new ideas and engage in analytical thinking for creative composition as they are exposed to a wider variety of themes – from the natural world to the sciences, to fantasy and any possibilities under their imagination!

Students will also be introduced to professional art techniques and learn valuable skills to handle a broader spectrum of art mediums. Classes are conducted in a stimulating and encouraging environment, promoting individuality, observation skills, and trains hand-eye motor skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire practical and technical skills in art-making
  • Explore and embrace different possibilities and new perspectives
  • Develop composition and analytical skills for creative expression
  • Gain knowledge and exposure to a wider range of materials and art styles
  • A better understanding of the creative process

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