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Online DSA Portfolio Preparation Class

适用于喜欢绘画, 同时想系统学习, 想准备开始DSA的学生.
Suitable for students who like to draw and would like to build up a strong portfolio for admission into DSA schools through the art program.

Our Programme

Direct School Admission, often known as DSA, is a school admission process which gives pupils the chance to showcase a variety of accomplishments and talents in order to apply for admission to institutions. Here at HiArt our DSA Preparation Art Course is designed to assist students in putting together a portfolio of artwork for applications to Secondary schools. Students in Primary 6 who have an interest in the visual arts may apply to secondary schools prior to the PSLE. This course aims to help students with the portfolio-building process to enable them to apply to their preferred schools of choice.

Online Preparation

Our Online DSA Class is meant for students that are planning to apply for their future secondary schools with a solid portfolio. Conducted by our most senior teacher, this online art program will build your child’s artistic skills and give them the best chance at entering the school of their choice. Free doorstep delivery for art materials included! Best DSA program in Singapore.

DSA Online class

Lesson Structure

Our Course Covers Two Aspects
基础课程涵盖2个方面 技巧

1. Skills: To have a deeper understanding of artistic elements and be able to master them with proficiency.
技巧: 初步了解艺术元素, 能够较熟练的掌握。

2. Thinking: To help students break away from simply copying masterpieces and to encourage deeper thinking behind each artwork.
思维: 锻炼思维模式, 脱离传统临摹教学。

3. Creativity: To promote freedom of expression through art.

DSA Course Details



Teacher Lina

PACKAGE | 课程配套:

16 Lessons




90 Minutes | 7PM – 8.30PM | Every Friday
90 分钟 | 7点 – 8点半 | 每周五


Fabel-Castell | 辉柏嘉

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