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HiArt's Growth

a journey of endless inspiration that drives what we do.

Welcome to HiArt

An institution that brings the joy of art and learning to people of all ages and abilities.

HiArt is one of Singapore’s most popular art schools, specializing in teaching art to students as young as 2.5 years old and above. Not only do we take a holistic approach to the way we impart artistic knowledge to our students, we also work closely with each and every one of them to build and nurture new and existing skills. Interested? Why not join us today!

Benefits of cultivating
a child’s connection to art.

Building up your child’s
sense of aesthetics.

Develop and nurture their imagination and creativity, both of which will be very important in their later years.

Improving their cognitive
and observation skills.

Allow themselves to express
their ideas with tactile materials
and lots of colour.

So why choose hiart?