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Elite Programme - Advanced Curriculum

The Elite Programme is our brand new advanced curriculum. Tailored for the exceptionally talented and deeply passionate, this advanced curriculum is designed to fuel your creative journey like never before. We believe that true artistry knows no bounds, and for those who seek to take their skills and imagination to the highest echelons, the Elite Programme is your gateway.

Here, we embark on a transformative odyssey, where your artistic talents and interests will flourish into mastery. Our curriculum offers a dynamic platform to expand your horizons. We’re not just nurturing artists; we’re shaping visionaries.

Yet, the path to elite creativity is reserved for those who dare to dream boldly. Aspiring participants will be required to undergo a rigorous audition process, where your dedication and commitment to the art will be your compass. It’s a journey that calls for unwavering passion, the courage to experiment, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


Audition Details

Eligible for both Members and Non-Members


By our senior teacher


45 minutes

Materials will be provided | Auditions may be conducted individually or in small groups.

Audition Criteria

Drawing Assessment

  • To observe the student’s drawing skills and overall abilities.

Oral Expression Assessment

  • Focus on the child’s ability to express themselves verbally.

Group Assessment

  • To assess the student’s collaboration skills, as art is not just about individual creation, collaboration
    is also an important part.

For more information and schedule arrangement, please kindly approach each outlet’s front desk.

Lesson Structure

1 Session/Week

  • Cultivate Creative Minds
  • Achieve Master Skills

Benefits of Enrollment

  • Personalised Curriculum
  • External Engagement
  • Global Exposure
  • Enhanced Skills
  • DSA Advantage

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