Who we are

HiArt Institute was founded in Singapore in 2010 by a family who wanted to make art education and the many benefits of it accessible to more people. Everyone, no matter how young or old, has the potential to become artists and the institute has always been firm believers in using art as a way to further enhance and enrich one’s mind and body. ‘Joy comes first and skills will soon follow’ is a motto we take to heart and we believe that HiArt and our committed teachers will be able to bring that forward with every lesson.

Not only do we specialise in children’s art development, we also offer fundamental lessons for students interested in enrolling into world-class art schools around the world so that they can prepare their portfolios and maximise their acceptance chances. 

It has been proven that art helps to relax the mind and body and this is why HiArt also offers art classes for adults to connect with their inner artists and learn to enjoy the entire process of creating an art piece even with no prior experience at all.

Right now, HiArt has developed a professional and systematic training centre specialising in visual art catering to the general public. We cooperate with government organisations and other educational institutes to bring visual art to society and schools.