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About Us

HiArt is a top-class children’s art school in Singapore founded in 2010 by Wang Kexin. Located in the heart of Singapore, we were established with the primary aim of making art education more accessible to more people.

HiArt Provides Art Class for kids with the aim of building their creativity from a young age. We are dedicated to teaching young children to fully express themselves in the different forms of art available. We offer a wide range of art classes that allows them to learn different forms of art and subsequent choose their preferred option. We take a holistic approach to coaching our art students, ensuring that each and every student is carried along. We also work closely with each student to nurture and build their special skills and talent.

Our Mission

HiArt take a holistic approach to art coaching, empowering each individual’s talent and skills in various forms of arts in different ways.

Our Vision

A leading Institution that brings the joy of learning art to people of all age groups.

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What is our promise

HiArt is committed to promoting the mental development of children through art. Our goal is to help every child to attain their artistic potential. HiArt’s ‘Art For Kids’ is a firm believer in using art as a tool to enrich the mind.

Why are we different

We approach art teaching differently from others. Our teachers ensure that every possible method is explored in our quest to impact artistic knowledge to our students. We also recognise that each student is different and has distinct interests and needs, so we take a unique approach in teaching each student to ensure that their learning needs are met.

Our Values


Students are empowered with creativity and inspirations.


We connect Art in various collaborations locally and globally.


Mastery in skills and techniques.

Holistic Approach

We are committed to a holistic approach that also includes Art Therapy activities to help build self-esteem, confident and self-awareness.

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