Special Events


We often exhibit our students’ work among their peers in our gallery. Our galleries are hung and displayed with artwork from students as young as three years old. In this section, we will share artwork from our organized competitions and some from their individual exhibitions. We want our students to be proud of their own work. Their peers’ artwork is an opportunity for them to learn from and appreciate each other’s. Furthermore, we encourage our artists to create more interesting works as they go through their artistic journey.

Ongoing Exhibitions

 Sorry! There are currently no ongoing exhibitions.
Stay tune for our next exhibition. But in the mean time, do check out our other ongoing programs!

Past Exhibitions

Aesthetic Forms and their Opposites Exhibition

Aesthetic Forms and their Opposites Exhibition Aesthetic Forms and their Opposites is an exhibition to showcase the works of our talented artists from our Portfolio and Masterclass Program. This exhibition is segmented into four themes: Home, Joy, Expedition, and Encounter. These themes have been carefully chosen to inspire the creativity of our budding artists. Click…

Ada and Anthony’s Art Exhibition

Ada and Anthony’s Art Exhibition HiArt is proud to present Empowering The Artist In You: Ada and Anthony Art Exhibition, showcasing a diverse collection of works by two amazing young artists. The Exhibition is to be held from 22 January to 22 March 2022. In this collection of ideas, thoughts, and strategies, we explore how…