Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All parents and students are requested to note that registration and admission to HiArt classes are subjected to the terms & conditions below, and attendance of classes, workshops and activities is recognition of their acceptance of these conditions. The headings in these Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation hereof. HiArt may modify these terms and conditions at any time. Such modification shall be effective immediately upon posting the modified Terms and Conditions on our website https://hiart.com.sg/. Correspondingly, your continued attendance of classes, workshops or activities and productions shall be deemed to be your acceptance of the modified Terms and Conditions.


An invoice will be raised for the first term’s lessons, which will include the following items:

1. One time registration fee:$60 (before GST charge); one off and nonrefundable.

2. A refundable deposit is payable on registration (For refund of deposit please see clause “ Deposit” below) .

3. Material fees according to your the classes that the student is enrolled in.

4. Term fees for the classes that the student is enrolled in.


  1. Payment must be made according to payment terms stated on the invoice. ALL FEES must be paid in full one month prior to the start of term (or start of attendance to class if joining class mid-term). If any payments which are due under these Terms and Conditions are not made by their respective due date, we have the right to exclude your child from the class. We regret to inform you that non-compliance with these terms may result in the student not having access to class and their place will be released to the wait list. HiArt reserves the right to review and amend the fees at any time and without prior notice.
  2. Payments can be made in cash, via PayNow, or using any other available payment method at the outlet.
  3. For the PayNow payment mode, you can scan the QR code that is placed on the branch reception or enter the branch UEN:
    • Marine Parade branch UEN: 202121671M
    • Sengkang branch UEN: 201334766W
    • Tiong Bahru branch UEN: 201530280G
    • Novena branch UEN: 202003003K
    • Esplanade branch UEN: 202110235M
    • Bukit Panjang branch UEN: 202215619N
    • Bukit Timah branch UEN: 202209675N
    • Balestier branch UEN: 202242162N
    • Woodleigh branch UEN: 202133946D
  4. Payments, under the reference section, should in all instances be written in the student’s full name. Failure to do so may result in the payment being unidentified thus, the account would remain outstanding and the student will not be admitted to class.
  5. HiArt will not accept any liability for cash left at Reception, given to teachers or any other persons not authorised to receive money.
  6. The applicable fees will be reviewed from time to time and may be increased or decreased by such amount as HiArt, in its sole discretion, deems fit.
  7. A Student cannot commence or continue classes with HiArt whilst any fees are outstanding and unpaid. A Student’s place in any particular Core Programme, Holiday Programme and/or Special Programme shall not be confirmed until and unless full payment of all applicable fees is received by HiArt.


  1. One calendar month’s written notice of withdrawal is given to HiArt before the end of the Term/ last lesson of the student’s package (whichever comes first). If less than one calendar month notice is given, HiArt shall not be obliged to refund any part of the deposit.
  2. There are no other outstanding payments. If there are outstanding payments, the deposit will be used to offset the outstanding liability before the balance of deposit (if any) may be refunded. The amount of deposit is subject to change at any time and without prior notice. For the avoidance of doubt, no deposit is payable in respect of registration for Holiday Programmers.

Refunds, Cancellations, Absence

  1. All lessons fee, material fee and registration fee are non-refundable.
  2. No refund of fees will be made for any classes missed by students under any circumstances.
  3. There is strictly no pro-rating of fees except for students joining HiArt for the first time during the middle of the term.
  4. No refund of lessons’ fees will be made for withdrawal from HiArt.
  5. If a class is cancelled due to the sickness of the teacher, a health epidemic or any other seen or unforeseen event, HiArt will endeavour to reschedule the class. This may be on a different day or a different time or both from when the class was originally scheduled and might involve an extension to the term time dates. No refunds will be given in this case.
  6. With respect to the Holiday/Special Programmes, requests made for replacement classes will be decided on a case-by-case basis subject to availability and at HiArt’s sole discretion. In the event that it is not possible to arrange a replacement class due to a lack of vacancies in other classes, the class fees for the class missed shall not be refunded or pro-rated. This clause shall apply notwithstanding that the Student has valid reason(s) for missing the class. HiArt will provide the Student with the Course Materials for the particular class which the Student failed to attend the following week.

Makeup Classes

  1. Notify the centre 24 hours in advance for absences with valid proof; failure may mark the class as completed.
  2. Make-up lesson can be arranged from within the term’s dates subject to valid reason.:
    • Illness
    • Overseas holidays
  3. Only students who have paid for the following term fee in full are allowed to enjoy the make-up lessons.
  4. No changes after make-up appointments; missed lessons forfeited.
  5. Make-up lessons will be forfeited if students do not turn up on the appointment lesson.
  6. HiArt will make every effort to arrange make-up lessons within the available timings of the same course. Please note that for make-up lessons, you may be assigned to a different teacher within the same course.

Trial lesson

  1. Trial lesson fees are non-refundable.
  2. Each student is allowed 1 trial lesson, registration fee is payable if the student wished to attend a 2nd trial lesson.
  3. All trial lesson have to be booked in advance.
  4. Bookings for trial lessons are confirmed only upon payment.
  5. Re-scheduling of trial lesson are allowed once bookings are confirmed with payment.
  6. Each class has a maximum number of students; no trial students will be accepted if the class is full.

Pick Up and Drop Off from Class: Boundary of Responsibilities

  1. HiArt’s responsibility for students begins only when the child is delivered to the class room where a teacher is present in the room. HiArt is NOT responsible for children if they have been dropped off outside the building, and if they are left unattended anywhere else other than HiArt property.
  2. All children are the responsibility of HiArt for the duration of the class ONLY. Before and after class is the responsibility of the parent/caretaker.
  3. All children are to be collected from the school, under NO circumstances are the children permitted to wait on the street.

Accident Waiver and Release of Liability

  1. All care will be taken by HiArt however HiArt accepts no responsibility for injury or loss to person or property howsoever caused and without limiting the generality of the foregoing damage or injury resulting from or caused by any negligence of the director, teachers or other employees of HiArt. The parent on behalf of themselves and their child and/or the student agrees that HiArt, and their directors, board members, officers, employees, volunteers, agents, representatives, or assigns or any persons authorised by HiArt shall not be liable or responsible for any and all liability, including, but not limited to, any accident or personal injury sustained or suffered by themselves, the child and/or the student, or for any damage to property however caused while the child and/or student is participating in any activity connected to the HiArt programme.
  2. The Parent/guardian on behalf of themselves and their child and/or the student shall defend, hold harmless, and indemnify the HiArt parties from and against all losses, claims, damages, costs or expenses (including reasonable legal fees, or similar costs) in connection with any action or claim brought or made (or threatened to be brought or made), for, or on account of any injuries or damages, received or sustained by themselves and/or their child and/or the student arising during the course of any HiArt activity.
  3. The Parent/Guardian and/or the student certifies that their child and themselves are physically fit and sufficiently prepared for participation in any activity and that there are no health related reasons or problems which would preclude the participation of themselves or their child and/or the student in any activity.

Use of Images, Video, Audio and Others

  1. From time to time we record class work to be used for media and academic release. Attendance of any HiArt class, production, workshop or event is acceptance of usage of your child’s and/or your photograph, written work and voice in academic works, brochures, videos or other promotional materials.
  2. Photos, video, audio, name, competition results may occasionally be taken of the students to be used on our website and social media – please advise if your child/you is not to be included in any photos/videos.


  1. In an attempt to reduce paper wastage, we distribute our information electronically via WhatsApp, WeChat, email, our Facebook page, Instagram and on the website. For this to work effectively, we need you to read the bulletins and newsletters as soon as they are received. Please inform us of any changes to mailing address, email address or contact numbers in order for us to be able to contact you, especially in an emergency.


  1. HiArt reserves the right to change or cancel scheduled classes.
  2. HiArt reserves the right to change instructor of a class when necessary.
  3. HiArt wishes for all our staff and teachers to be treated in a manner deemed respectful by us, and for any behaviour that causes disruption and/or distress to others to be avoided.
  4. HiArt reserves the right to terminate or reject any student’s enrolment if they fail to comply with any of the Terms & Conditions.
  5. Promotional classes will only begin after the completion of all regular classes. These promotional classes are neither transferable nor refundable.

 — These Terms & Conditions were last updated on 28 August 2023 —