DSA Preparation Course

DSA Singapore, This 24-week course is designed to assist the students in putting together a portfolio of work for applications to Art Schools(NAFA, SOTA, Lasalle) or similar courses of study around the world. Classes are delivered once a week (subject to changes). This course aims to assist students in the preparation of their portfolio for application to their chosen area of Fine Art/Design study.

This course helps students to learn and practice art in a studio-like environment full of creativity and inspiration. Broad-based and flexible in content, the course is structured to assist students not only in preparing a portfolio but training them to understand and experience a college-level studio practice in Fine Art and Design. This preparatory course will encourage students to develop their ideas through research and working on personal projects. Subjects covered include, drawing from observation, idea development, collage, colour work and developing personal projects. Museum visits and consultation sessions aim to broaden students’ awareness of both historical and contemporary art practices as well as advice on curation for their portfolios.

DSA Singapore


The objective of this full-time programme of study is to enable students to develop the necessary knowledge and practical skills to enter schools at a foundation level course. This will be distributed between 24 sessions. This includes:

    • Observation Skills (Drawing & Sketching, Oil & Acrylic
    • Painting, Watercolor)
    • Research and Practice
    • Group Discussion
    • Museum Visits
    • Consultations
    • Foundational 3D Studies & Construction
    • Sketchbook Process
    • Critique Sessions
    • Letter of Recommendation

DSA Singapore

Beginning with the foundation of painting, we focus on developing their skills and creativity so that students can meet the admission standards of professional art colleges.

Class Details

Number of Sessions: 24 or 48 Sessions
Schedule: Once or twice a week
Duration: 1.5 or 2 Hours
Teacher to student ratio: 1:7

Oversea 海外

HiArt has been officially appointed as an education counsellor of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, With this certified position, we provide art exam training for International students.


Class Details

Number of Sessions: 12, 24 or 48 Sessions
Schedule: Once or twice a week
Duration: 1.5 or 2 Hours
Teacher to student ratio: 1:7

Entry Requirement

Admission Test Traning Course only for Singapore Student Pass or Dependent Pass holder.