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We believe that art should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability.

The purpose of HiArt is to bring the joy of art to everybody’s lives. Art should not be a privilege. It can be used not only to inspire creativity but also as a way of expression and our teachers are here to ensure that each student that comes our way gets a chance to do so.

With over ten years of experience and our fifth branch that just opened in July 2021, HiArt hopes to continue on this journey to spread the love of art to each corner of the island. This is why we continue to work hard and grow along with all our students.

HiArt is Singapore’s leading art institution. ‘Joy comes first and skills will soon follow’ is a motto we take to heart and we continue to work towards that goal with every art lesson.


Do you have a burning passion for the arts and education business? We’d love to collaborate with like-minded individuals or organisations!

A partnership with HiArt will not only be providing a supporting boost of chance for students to enter the institute of their choices, but we also offers students unique opportunities by hosting exhibitions or workshops.

If you are interested in shaping and making an impact in the arts and education industry together with HiArt, fill up the contact form here and our team will get in touch.