In the art school I think Teacher Emily is very kindly and helpful with students. If students have face any art problem, this teacher will very patient to help the students.

Elaine TanHiArt Seletar

Great place to let your kid learn art. Wide range of classes for all ages. Teachers are friendly patient and professional.

Keith LimHiArt Marine Parade


Vanessa SunHiArt Novena

My daughter likes HiArt. After her first trial, she enjoyed drawing so much that she requested by herself to come back. She likes Teacher Mandy that she meets every Wednesday. There is only one other kid of her age in the class and it nearly looks like a private lesson for them. I wish not only her drawing skills to improve but also to try things and see what she loves more when she grows up

Anthony VuongHiArt Novena

Lena loves and looks forward to the classes. She enjoys every session and takes pride in her works. Lessons are engaging and pique her interest in art. We love the diverse topics offered by Hiart that ranges from knowing the artists to exploratory themes. Excellent and Thank you!

Lena ZhuangHiArt Esplanade

Teacher is very patient in guiding me who has no experience in oil-painting throughout the whole session. Every step is explained in detail, e.g. how to combine color, how to apply brush stroke, etc.

Yong Ho YuetHiArt Tiong Bahru

My girl loves attending the classes. The lessons cover different artist styles, different countries cultures and art techniques. Much as they are fun, they are also very informative. Compared to physical classes, the online classes are much more convenient. Thank you HiArt!

Pang Ler MngHiArt Marine Parade

HiArt is different because it tells the children you don’t have to copy but you need to learn and create your own. Every Child is an artist in the creative world. You can practice your skills but you can not learn the creativeness. Please treasure our kids’ creative mind. Thanks teachers! Thanks KeXin.

Shen Yi Ping & shen Yi FanHiArt Seletar