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Our art for adult classes includes formal instruction on colour, drawing and painting techniques that are suitable for everyone, regardless of experience. Lesson topics range from life drawing, landscape and architecture to portraiture.

Lessons are conducted by professional instructors who are practicing artists. Regular workshops will be held for both beginners and experienced adult students with a small class size kept to ensure that everyone would be fully engaged in this learning environment.

Unlike other art schools in Singapore, we believe that the impact arts makes on young ones is more relevant than the art itself. Kids do not need to make finished art school drawings that make sense to an adult in order to learn from art. Most art schools do not understand this.

Our art school Singapore Provides art class for adult with the aim of building their creativity from a young age. We are dedicated to teaching young children to fully express themselves in the different forms of art available. Hiart art school Singapore offers a wide range of art classes that allows them to learn different forms of art and subsequently choose their preferred option. We take a holistic approach to teaching them art school drawing, ensuring that each and every student is carried along. We also work closely with each student to nurture and build their special skills and talent.

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1.5 Hour


Oil Painting
Watercolour Painting
Acrylic Painting