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Digital Art Class

September 2022 Intake
We are living in an increasingly digitalised world in which digital art, art created using computers or tablets, is becoming more popular and accessible. Advertising, illustration, and animation utilize this technique in ways that will give students an edge if they wish to pursue these fields in the future.
In the new era of digital art course, it is no longer difficult for children to learn new interfaces, since they are regularly exposed to technological devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops in their everyday lives. In this art course, they will study the fundamentals of drawing and painting, knowledge that one can also employ in traditional art for kids.

Learning Outcomes

    • The ultimate course designed to help students lay a sound foundation in Digital Drawing.
    • The course focus on grasping brushes, layers, auto-shapes and colour application in the procreate app.
    • By the end of the course, students will be able to confidently create freehand digital illustrations.

Class Details


7 – 10 Years Old


Varies With Each Outlets
1.5 hours / Lesson


Esplanade, Novena, Sengkang, Tiong Bahru


The beginner class is a must-take for anyone who has always wanted to create art on their iPad!

The modules are suitable for beginners with no prior experience. Students will be introduced to the procreate interface and the basics of digital art. The beginner class is about having fun while developing a good foundation in digital drawing.

Students will learn the main tools such as brushes, layers, auto-shapes and colour applications in procreate.

6 Modules. Each Module is 4 Lessons.

The intermediate class takes students one level up to become independent digital artists!

This course is recommended for students who have completed the beginner digital art modules and for students who have some knowledge of the basic features of Procreate. At the intermediate level, students will work on understanding values and explore more tool panels in procreate.

They will learn to incorporate texture and create complex forms, and how to create isometric drawings and 1-point perspective drawings.

6 Modules. Each Module is 4 Lessons.

The pre-advanced digital art class focus on discovering advanced concepts and techniques in digital drawing, character design and symmetrical tool.

In this module, students will discover more advanced options in procreate and learn how to apply stroke pressures to improve their drawing techniques to create a detailed anime-style drawing as part of their project.

This class will cover proportion, contour drawing and 2-point perspective.

6 Modules. Each Module is 4 Lessons.

Elevate your art in the advanced class as we acquire more digital art techniques and procreate tricks!

Students will experiment with adjustments in the procreate interface and work on painting in 3D.

This class also cover a deeper understanding of lighting and rendering.

6 Modules. Each Module is 4 Lessons.

Create eye-catching concept artwork and digital paintings in the advance 2 digital art class!

Using tools on top of previous modules, students will create their own character design model sheet and background scene design.

Learn quick tips and how to use procreate techniques to perfect colours and nuance of hair, skin, eye, and clothing fabrics for your characters!

6 Modules. Each Module is 4 Lessons.

The final part to the Advanced digital art module presents students to different prominent artists and art styles.

In this module, students will create an art piece inspired by renowned masters in art, learning how to translate traditional art paintings into digital format on procreate.

6 Modules. Each Module is 4 Lessons.

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