Autism Resource Centre Singapore

Raised Fund For Special Needs Children


Alex hosted a solo exhibition of paintings called “Alex and His Colour Seasons” in February, 2021 to raise money for a great cause—the Autism Resource Centre (ARC) in Singapore. Alex managed to raise a total of SGD8,859.60 from his auctioned artworks. The ARC provides services and supports to children with special needs, including those who are on the autism spectrum. The money Alex raised will go a long way in supporting their mission of providing a supportive community for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.

The Exhibition “Alex and his Colour Seasons” was a resounding success thanks to the incredible teamwork of teachers and the endless outpour of love and support from supporters. We deeply appreciate everyone’s participative support.

HiArt has always believed that each child is notable in talents and one of the greatest contributions in our journey is to work together with them to understand their capabilities and abilities to unleash the full potential within each of them.

For the last 7 years, Alexander had discovered and developed his potential and this experience has been truly an inspiration for us to continue to look forward into another magnificent year ahead to nurture each child to discover, blossom and flourish in their artistic abilities.