Event Programme Rundown

Programme Rundown

Order of Events
Time Programme
4PM Gates Open
4.15PM Emcee Introduction of the Event
4.25PM Speech by SAVH
4.30PM Opening Performance by SAVH and Students
5PM Emcee Re-Introduce Workshops and Zones
Highlighting the Event
Interview Students and Parents
5.30PM Performance by SAVH and Students
6PM Emcee Interview Students and Parents
Highlighting the Event (Zone and Activity Flow)
First round of Lucky Draw
6.30PM Performance by SAVH and Students
7PM Emcee Highlighting Closing of Activities
Interview and Showcasing of End Products from Workshop
Call for a Light-Up Event
7.15PM Grand Light Up of Glow-In-The-Dark Teepee
Group Photo and Video
Second Round of Lucky Draw
7.50PM Thank you Speech
End of Event