Sentosa Family Art Carnival 2022

A Multi-Sensory Art Experience


HiArt is proud to present the charity event “Family Art Carnival 2022” which took place on 9th October 2022 at Sentosa. 

“Family Art Carnival 2022” aims to be an opportunity for parents to spend time with children and to interact and engage themselves in the many fun-filled activities and enjoy the world of art together. The event also aims to raise awareness of the needs, interests and aspirations of the visually handicapped. 

The iconic Palawan Beach will transform into a family-friendly beach party with five distinct sensory zones to discover the joy of art. Experience a day of wholesome fun with the family at the beach with interactive art workshops, live music, parent-child activity zones and savour delightful local treats. This is topped off by a grand light-up display set against the backdrop of the scenic Sentosa island.

All profits from the carnival will go towards the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH).

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Official Beneficiary

Individuals who are interested to join us as an event volunteer and offer your help towards this meaningful cause may fill up the volunteer application form. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. (All successful applicants will receive a certificate of appreciation from the Arts Association of Singapore)

We also welcome business organisations to join the event as sponsors and participants. Those who are interested may fill up the form or contact us at

Main Event


Glow-In-The-Dark Tentage

Starry Night Painting

-Accessible for Exclusive pass ticket holder only-

A deep connection is felt when looking, which is often referred to as a window into the soul. It allows us to connect with our surroundings, keeps us safe, and keeps our minds sharp. People connect with their surroundings through their sight. We live in a world full of colour, shapes, and patterns.

Let’s be their eyes, bringing sight to the visually impaired and low-vision. Together with your family, you can paint your tent and create beautiful pictures while camping. The season is about reconnecting.

Slot Timings: 
Anytime from 4.10PM to 7.00PM

Last entry at 6.40PM
Teepee Grand light up at

After completing your painting, head over to Booth 5 to collect your Certification of Completion and a free gift!

Sensory Art Stations

Accessible for all ticket holder

Each workshop station can cater to only 20 groups of participants. The queue starts 5 minutes before each time slot.

Slot Timings: 4.15PM | 4.40PM | 5.05PM | 5.30PM | 5.55PM | 6.20PM | 6.45PM | 7.10PM

In the event that a participant is late for the workshop, he or she will not be allowed to enter and will have to wait until the next session.

Create Tactile Art!

Almost everyone is familiar with touch, or the tactile sense. It sends sensations such as touch, pain, temperature, and vibration. In much the same way that we depend on vision, visually impaired individuals depend on touch to perceive patterns.

A blindfold challenge will allow you to collect ornaments for the stone diffuser. The traditional pottery technique of molding is used to create a small and slim ceramic. Let its aroma slowly fill your space as you apply three to five drops of your essential oil to the stone.

With an organic, elemental feel, each diffuser has been hand-molded and hand-polished

Enhance Your Sonic Sensory!

Human hearing is one of the most powerful senses! Hearing allows us to connect with the world in a number of extremely significant and vital ways. One of the most significant benefits of hearing is that it connects us to people!

Hearing enables us to perceive sound in a way that transcends our other senses, such as music and speech. Our auditory sense is mechanical! Do you know that the human ear has a higher sensitivity and speed than the human eye? To find out how well you hear, listen to some sound waves! What if I told you that you’ll be making your own maracas as well?

Design A Unique Scent

Which sense closely relates to memory? That’s right, smell! Odour is primarily due to specialized sensory cells called olfactory sensory neurons. The neurons in the nose are directly connected to the brain! There is nothing more comforting than the smell of freshly baked bread or blooming orchids.

Come to the smell station to create your own aroma oil! Aroma oils are milder and can be diffused more liberally than essential oils. This oil creates a pleasant scent for diffusers. Fun fact: Essential oils have been around for over 6000 years! The oil has been used for ages to make aroma oils, perfumes, and skincare products!

Colour Your Taste Buds!

Flavour is registered by the taste buds on the tongue. Our tongue distinguishes five basic tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami. Herbs are commonly associated with these flavour descriptions. It gives your food a natural flavour!

It’s time for you to become a plant parent! Reusing coffee grounds as fertiliser, let’s germinate some fresh herbs! The taste of herbs can be multisensory. Growing your own can make anyone feel like they’ve got a green thumb, from seed to harvest to table. You should be able to harvest within two months!

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